Hair Extensions of Houston


Hair extensions and salon services is a booming industry due to growing demand from its customers. It is a competitive and saturated market where similar services are readily available. Consumer loyalty is fickle in this industry, and it is immensely challenging to develop a majority market share. So, how was Hair Extensions of Houston going to make their mark in a competitive industry? By focusing on where their competition wasn’t—the internet! To reach more local customers and improve their online visibility, Hair Extensions of Houston needed a digital marketing partner who would understand their target audience and employ effective strategies to attract them. That’s when they reached out to Morr Creative for help!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Our strategies revolved around combining SEO activities with a compelling content marketing and social media market strategy that included publishing keyword-rich and engaging content on several channels to increase rankings. A higher website would lead to more leads and generate more conversions. Initial market and competitor analysis made it clear that our target market consists primarily of women who were already looking for hair extensions installation and maintenance services. We knew that the digital marketing strategy and SEO campaign for Hair Extension of Houston must present Hair Extensions of Houston as a solution to the target audience’s hair issues. To do this, we decided to use an omnichannel approach to bring in traffic to the website. We employed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included: Using content marketing in the form of blogs and articles and utilizing the power of social media through social media marketing. Our reports showed that Hair Extensions of Houston was quickly rising to the top of Google SERPs. Where Hair Extensions of Houston’s website had ranked on the 3rd, 4th, and 11th pages of search engine results for industry-relevant keywords, our SEO strategies had enabled them to climb to the top in no time! Between February 2020 and May 2020 - Hair Extensions of Houston’s website revived 1,131 visits through organic search. And 48 percent of organic visitors filled out the contact form present on the website.

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